When you want to buy a fish, how can you know you're doing the right thing?

Experts agree that the methods we use to grow KUTERRA Atlantic salmon are best practices for aquaculture. Our salmon is raised in a land-based system with a very small environmental footprint.

When you choose KUTERRA Atlantic salmon, you're helping protect the environment and wild salmon, and you're supporting an energy-efficient, biosecure, sustainable aquaculture operation. You're also sending a message to older aquaculture operations that you support a commitment to reducing environmental impacts.

KUTERRA sustainable aquaculture produces a superior fish while protecting the health of our oceans:

  • We don't use antibiotics or pesticides, and so we can't release any into the environment.
  • Our fish don't have sea lice, and sea lice can't get into our system.
  • We have strict pathogen control measures, to prevent bacteria and viruses from being released into the environment.
  • Waste from our farm is composted or disposed of responsibly, so no waste reaches the marine environment.
  • Birds and marine mammals can't get near our fish, so they're not in danger of being entangled or trapped in gear.
  • We are far away from waterways so there's no possibility our fish will escape. Our fish have no contact with wild fish.

Ask us where you can find high-quality KUTERRA salmon.