When you choose KUTERRA sustainable Atlantic salmon, you're part of the move to a more sustainable future. You're making a smart choice for yourself, your family and the world around us.


Salmon is part of a healthy diet. It's rich in omega oils, protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients. KUTERRA Atlantic salmon has even more health benefits, because it has been raised with no hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. It's healthy, smooth-tasting sustainable salmon that you can serve with pride to family, friends and guests.


KUTERRA salmon are grown in a land-based, energy-efficient, sustainable aquaculture system that recycles water. When you buy KUTERRA salmon, you're helping keep our oceans clean and wild salmon away from waste, parasites, pathogens, antibiotics and pesticides. Learn more about the environmental benefits of KUTERRA salmon.


KUTERRA salmon increases food security because it's produced in an economical, highly efficient facility. We offer the community a reliable source of healthy food that doesn't hurt other food sources.


The KUTERRA farm is an example of the 'Namgis First Nation's focus on combining economic and environmental sustainability. 'Namgis are committed to increasing the prosperity of all ̓''Namgis members and working collaboratively with neighbours on Northern Vancouver Island. 'Namgis are pleased to offer opportunities for stable jobs and training in a high-skill field that will only grow in the future.