What's good for fish is good for you.

KUTERRA technician Eugene Isaac hand-feeds newly arrived smolts.

KUTERRA team member Eugene Isaac hand-feeds newly arrived smolts.

We raise KUTERRA Atlantic salmon in a clean, efficient, closed aquaculture system on land. Our system lets us create the conditions that foster the best possible health, and minimize the conditions that cause stress.

Stress-free fish are happy fish. We know they're happy because we can read the signs. Happy fish eat well, grow quickly to full size, develop good muscle tone, don't lose scales and have normal social behaviour.

Stress-free fish are healthy fish too. They get the benefits of a controlled environment without the challenges they would face being raised in net-pens in the ocean:

  • We control temperature, oxygen and water flow to maximize growth rate. Our fish grow much more quickly than those raised in the ocean.
  • We use 30 percent less feed than ocean fish farms.
  • Our fish don't need antibiotics or pesticides.
  • Our fish don't have potential predators.
  • Our fish are harvested in a calm, quick manner.
  • Our system uses water very efficiently. It cleans and recirculates 98 percent of the water through the system.
  • We turn our farm waste into compost.
  • We don't discharge waste into the environment.
  • It's not possible for marine mammals or birds to become entangled in any part of our operation.
  • It's not possible for our fish to escape into the ocean.

We have undergone the Monterey Bay Aquarium's rigorous sustainabilty assessment process, the most respected independent seafood ranking measures in the world. The result is that we have achieved a green, Best Choice ranking from Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch. We also have been designated a Best Choice by SeaChoice, and been designated Ocean Wise. This shows our system is environmentally sustainable.

KUTERRA sustainable aquaculture produces a premium salmon in the best possible conditions. Ask us how you can add KUTERRA salmon to your menu.