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Maclean's: Does the future of fish rest on dry land?

Rosemary Westwood writes in Maclean's Magazine about the move of aquaculture to land-based facilities and the 'Namgis First Nation leading the way with North America's first commercial-scale Atlantic salmon farm based entirely on land.

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Delta Sky: Fish out of water

Forget what you’ve heard about farm-raised fish. Today, healthy, fresh fish are coming onto land. Meet the farmers who are building a better fishbowl.

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BIV: Fish farmers tap ecology to sell land-reared salmon story

Business in Vancouver's Jen St Denis reports on 'Namgis First Nation as early adopter of closed containment fish farming, as technology and public acceptance pushes it into the mainstream.

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CTV: Unique island fish farm will be Canada's first

CTV's Gord Kurbis tours a unique, experimental closed containment fish farm on Northern Vancouver Island.

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